Audience Award & Jury Award


The 11th edition of the Salon de la Belle Guitare Salon de la Belle Guitare will attribute for the 4th time :

  • Le Prix de La Belle Guitare 2024 (audience award)
  • Le Prix de L’Innovation 2024 (Jury Award)

Public Award : La Belle Guitare

Support an exposant during Salon de la Belle Guitare by voting for your “Coup de Coeur” guitar and try to win 2 pass 3 jours pour l’édition 2025 of the Salon de la Belle Guitare .

Award giving will take place on Sunday 3 Mars à 15h30 salle Nicole Ginoux.

Jury award: The innovation of the year

Jury members 2024 :


  • Max ROBIN – Journalist, guitarist, conductor, Label Ouest Artistic director

Membres du jury :

  • Michel HAUMONT – Compositeur, arrangeur, chef d’orchestre, guitariste.
  • Marc ROUVE – Editorial Directeor of Guitare Classique
  • Pierre JOURNEL from La Chaîne Guitare
  • Samuel STROUK – Composer, conductor, guitarist.
  • Ludovic EGRAZ – Chief editor for Guitare Xtreme Magazine (BGO editions), initiator and artistic director of the United Guitars project.
  • Eric GOMBARD – Musician

Award giving will take place on Sunday 3 Mars at 15:30 Nicole Ginoux Hall.


Le prix de La Belle Guitare 2023 was awarded Eric Darmagnac for the 100thth Darmagnac Guitars

Le prix de l’innovation 2023 elected by a professional jury chaired by Jacques Carbonneau was awarded to IULIUS GUITARS for its Seicorde model, an instrument which combined three innovations:

  • Overhang neck: no heel for the neck
  • Hybrid Peamp System: a hybrid peamplifier system
  • ETS, External Tuning Slots: an external adjustment system

Eric Darmagnac, winner of the 2023 Belle Guitare Prize

Iulius Guitars winner of the 2023 Innovation Prize