Salon de la Guitare d’Etude

Samedi 2 et dSaturday March 2nd and Sunday March 3rd, 2024

An exhibition open to all!

Within the grounds of Montrouge Town Hall, facing the Belfry, the OSEZ LA GUITARE lounge is aimed at all aspiring guitarists, beginner musicians and curious music lovers with whom we wish to share our passion.

Fun workshops to share with the family!

The Study Guitar Show, OSEZ LA GUITARE, inspired by the event OSEZ LA MUSIQUE organized by CSFI in partnership with LA FABRIQUE DE TALENTS presents various awakening workshops, and initiation to the practice of the guitar , courses, creation and manufacturing for all ages and all levels, as well as meetings with professional luthiers and musicians.

The opportunity for everyone to come, discover, test instruments, meet, learn and create new opportunities!

Rates :
Entrance Free –
Dans l’enceinte de la Mairie de Montrouge, à droite du Beffroi, 43 avenue de la République.


Samedi 2 mars

  • 10h00-10h45 : awakening around the guitar parents-baby (under 3 years old)
  • 10h45-11h30 : musical awakening around the guitar (3/5 years)
  • 11h30- 12h15 : atelier guitare (à partir de 6 ans)
  • 14h-15h : Atelier guitare (11/15 ans)
  • 15h-16h : Atelier guitare (grands ados et adultes)
  • 17h00 : Spectacle concert Mélissa Forton (chanteuse), Steve Setiano (chanteur) et Théo Farand (guitariste):
    Afin de tester leur nouveau show, Melissa et Steve ouvrent la répétition générale au public. Malheureusement, l’absence inopinée du pianiste remplacé à la dernière minute par Théo, un guitariste timide, crée quelques tensions…

Dimanche 3 mars

  • 10h00-10h45 : éveil autour du guitalele parents-bébé (- de 3 ans)
  • 10h45-11h30 : éveil musical autour du guitalele (3/5 ans)
  • 11h30- 12h15 : atelier guitalele (6/11 ans)
  • 14h00-15h00 : cours de guitare & guitalele (grands ados et adultes)
  • 15h00 -16h00 :  initiation au guitalele – (ados de 11 à 15 ans)
  • 16h – Jam collective : venez rejoindre nos professeurs et élèves pour jouer et chanter sur les morceaux les plus connus de la pop au jazz en passant par le rock !


We would like to thank and salute the work of the association Fabrique de Talents association as well as all the teaching and administrative staff who support the 4th edition of the OSEZ LA GUITARE show and who at the same time allow it to exist.
Special Thanks to YAMAHA for the support and loan of 30 guitars and guitalele.


La Fabrique de Talents is a school exploring the performing and performing arts: circus, theatre, dance, music and singing.

A crossroads of classical and current music, a place where the body and the voice, musicality and theatricality are expressed at the same time, the Fabrique de Talents aims above all to be a space where tou can stay and enjoy, learn and meatandwhere we can discoverguitarwith professional musician.

School is composed bya team of talented teachers, graduates, experienced, passionate about pedagogy.
Lessons are individual or collectives, or even as a parent/child duo and find their full meaning during the many shows offered by the Fabrique de Talents throughout the school year.

Its pedagogy shines wonderfully in its ateliers P’tits Rockers which have met with real success since 2010. This course allows children to discover music. through contemporary music while practicing an enriching and cultural group activity. In groups of 5, children sing, discover the joys of percussion, drums, guitar or piano and bass to accompany themselves. They are also open to a repertoire ranging from the Beatles to Louane via Laureen Hill, all without theory and stress.

When they're ready , they produce Little Rock concerts their own version of the songs thus worked.

Always on the lookout for new proposals for its members, La Fabrique opens many new courses each year, including for 2019, courses inArt in English, Magic, trapeze lessons for adult.

Each holidays, it offers multiple internships : p’tits rockers, clip, theatre, or magic.

Registration to La Fabrique de TalentsMusic and art school of Montrouge.

Practical infos and lessons here