Emmanuel Carlucci

Localisation : ESPAÑA – Murcia

Classical and Acoustic Guitars



In my adolescence I studied Chemistry in Ituzaingó Bs.As. Argentina, while discovering the world of music by being part of a progressive rock trio, Candiles. Those years at the Technical College helped me to learn to study, to investigate, to strive to get to the bottom of what I was discovering, whatever the subject in question. That is why later I began to study Modern Harmony through the world of Jazz.

I also began to investigate the world of Luthería, specifically the construction of the Spanish Guitar. The power of creating an instrument, of working with wood in its natural state, of seeing how each component gives life to that instrument that will be unique, was closing the circle of music for me.

Currently I combine different activities, whether it is the maintenance of musical instruments for Conservatories and Music Schools in Granada and Almería, as well as the construction of guitars and making some music.



Training / Experience

In Spain, I studied modern harmony, Jazz. I studied with maestro Antonio Esperón in Huelva, Spain, and I also received inspiring classes from jazz maestro Pedro Bellora from Bariloche, Argentina.

Study tuning and regulation of pianos, having as tutor the pianist / tuner Franco Botti, and guitar making through the school of guitar makers of Maestro Carlos Juan Busquiel.
There I began to walk in this wonderful world of woods, sounds, designs …

Emmanuel carlucci


Acoustic gates function in a similar way to the main soundhole of the guitar in that they work in association with the resonances of the internal air to release the sound of the instrument. But the sound coming from this gate is primarily (if not completely) for the benefit of the guitarist, allowing him to hear the sound of the guitar fully.


Lowered heel and neck-to-body junction at the 14th fret, facilitating access to higher notes without the need to trim the body with a cutaway.




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