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Nikolai Tomás is actually known as the charismatic singer and guitarist of the cult band “Poems for Laila”, which started in 1988 with an explosive mixture of Eastern European folk, chanson and rock elements, toured everywhere in Europe (incudidng the “Elysee Montmatre” in Paris) and still produces albums on an international level.
For some years now Nikolai has been building guitars and here too he went back to his family’s Hungarian roots, the vastness of Eastern Europe, handicrafts, the endless birch forests of northern Russia, villages built entirely of wood, the excess of the Balkans and the bright colors of these areas: “Baboushka” (The Little Mother) represents all of this: old wood, oil, oil paints and as few plastics as possible.
“Save our enviroment” is a guiding principle at “Baboushka Guitars”. Just as unique as Nikolai is as a musician, exactly unique are his guitars: each “Baboushka” guitar is a playable work of art, imaginative in design and with the sound, handling and patina of a long played instrument.

 Always. On the foundation of is special designed body his unique pieces are created through artistic treatment. The portfolio currently consists of 3 model series: The “Hippiecaster”, a colorful reminiscence of the joy of life and experimentation of the 60s and 70s, the “Barncaster”, the “Natural Wood” model, light as a feather and leaving the grain of the wood visible and finally the “La Baboushita”, the latest creation that comes up with very special and elaborate artwork ideas. Nikolai Tomás as a guitar maker can build on the experience of over 1,000 “live” concerts and 12 album productions and knows exactly what matters in a good guitar: Style, Sound, Feeling, Sexyness. He is called one of the best guitar makers in Germany (

Nikolai Tomas


Stardust F antigo


P 90 – pure elegance with a singing tone. With its two hand-wound P90s, this Stardust combines stylish elegance with rough charm. And it has that snotty, rumbling, yet singing sound and the fine sustain that only old ash can have. The hand-cut F-hole and the 150-year-old pine cover underline this wonderful elegance. Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard – of course only oiled for the finest playing, hand-filed GraphTech saddle. One-off hand-built.
A wild, raw Masterpiece with ash body with antique pine top and  handwound  custom pickups.  A wild grawling beauty with fantastic feel to play and a very rebellic mojo.

Unique piece build by hand.

body: ash / antique wild grown pine

neck: hard maple |  rosewood fretboard | 10“ radius, oiled

neck:  Q p 90 handwound
brdg:  Q  p 90 handwoud – matched set

Kluson Tunamatic   | Göldo Stop tailpiece / Kluson vintage tuner

2 x Göldo 250 k  |  4- way rotary switch | vintage cloth wiring

hardware carefully aged


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