Audience Award & Jury Award

La 10th édition of Paris Guitar Festival gave AWARDS for the second time :

  • The 2022 Belle Guitare Prize (public award)

  • The 2022 Innovation Prize (jury award) postponed to 2023 - Covid 19 

Public Award : La Belle Guitare

Le prix de La Belle Guitare 2022 a été décerné à la Nina of Deleeuw Guitars

Seconde place  la Mojo Koto of Pierre Marc Martelli
Third place : The Love Caster of Baboushka Guitars


Great Thanks to the public and participants for this second edition.

Belle Guitare Award : DE LEEUW GUITAR

Prix du Jury : L’Innovation de l’année

Reporté en 2023 pour cause COVID

    Les critères qui président au Prix de l’Innovation :

    • Presence of a process that increases or adds or modifies the sound characteristics of the instrument
    • Presence of any other material* that increases, adds or modifies the sound or comfort of the instrument
    • Original manufacturing (shape, size, instrument making) which increases, adds or modifies the sound and/or the comfort of the instrument.

    Jury Member :

    • Jacques Carbonneaux : Vice-president of the APLG, project manager at the CSFI and co-founder of the fair of the beautiful guitar – jury president
    • Eric Gombart : profesional guitarist 
    • Samuel Strouck guitarist composer, musical arranger, artistic director and producer artistique
    • Pierre Journel : journalist, editor-in-chief of the guitar channel.